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Xian'ou Ni

Fragments from different periods and different places, with their own memories and stories,meet with each other. The temperature of memory melt and a new city assembled, therefore the new rules emerge. The new the old, the useful the useless, have nothing to do with beauty and ugly. The contradictory harmonious coexistence, just like our present society, is inevitable.


About Artist

Ni Xianou received a master's degree in industrial design from the China Academy of Art in 2001. She went to the School of Jewelry of Birmingham City University (BCU) in the UK to study metal technology courses in 2004. She graduated from the Jewelry College of Birmingham City University in 2007 with a master's degree. In 2007, she worked as a resident artist in the Department of Jewelry Design at the City University of London. In 2008, she set up a personal jewelry design studio in London. In 2010, she began to teach at the China Academy of Art. Xianou Ni has participated in many international jewellery art aexhibitions. In 2011, she was named one of the four pioneers of Asian contemporary jewelry by VOGUE GIOIELL, an Italian professional jewelry magazine. In 2015, her jewelry brand, Ni Shang Jewelry was founded.

倪献鸥,2001年获中国美术学院工业设计专业硕士学位,2004年赴英国伯明翰城市大学(BCU)珠宝学院就读金属工艺技术课程,2007年毕业于伯明翰城市大学珠宝学院。2007年在伦敦都市大学珠宝设计系任驻校艺术家,2008年于伦敦设立个人首饰设计工作室,2010年回国任教于中国美术学院。倪献鸥多次参加国际首饰艺术展览。2011年被意大利珠宝专业杂志VOGUE  GIOIELL称为亚洲当代先锋珠宝设计师四大代表之一。2015年创立倪尚珠宝品牌。

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