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FROOTS Gallery has branches in Shanghai, Taicang and Jingdezhen. It also

has an international art agency in Tel Aviv, Israel. FROOTS Gallery is a platform of international artists in China. It represents young and established, emerging

and world-renowned artists. 


In addition to solo and group exhibitions at its own spaces every year, FROOTS Galley participates international art fairs and curates grand exhibitions in a

wide-variety of Chinese high-level museums. In the last few years, FROOTS Gallery’s artists created prominent public art works to a range of venues from hospitals,

hotels to high-end retirement homes.

In 2014, FROOTS Gallery and NOGART established partnership to represent international jewellery artists in China.




Telephone: +86 156 1870 7827​

Address: 上海市长宁区番禺路381号幸福里E座401室
Room 401, Building E, No.381 Panyu Road, Xingfuli, Changning district, Shanghai, 200052, CHINA

To enroll or for any general information, please contact us:

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