Trinidad Contreras

My idea is to combine the pieces of blue and white porcelain with my current work, applying bright colors and very geometric shapes that will contrast with the broken pieces.


About Artist

Trinidad Contreras, Born in Sevilla, Spain in 1977. He attended the advanced training program in artistic jewelry at Escola Massana, Barcelona, Spain from 2007-2010. His works has been displayed in many countries, including the USA, Spain, Belgium, Portugal, Holand, Germany, Korean, and France.

She is attracted to what is known, simple, pleasant, round, and make reflection upon what can exist within a sensual and harmonious world. A world where time passed by slowly, but in a vital and ephemeral way, in a constant circular motion of “creation-destruction”. the complexity of the artisan technique, the treatment of the different materials and the excellence in the piece’s interrelationship and symbology together form the characters of her creation.

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