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Takayoshi Terajima

I used Chinese and Japanese porcelain. The two were joined with URUSHI lacquer. Do you know which is made in China and which is made in Japan?

China and Japan have political problems. But we have a similar aesthetic. We use similar materials. We make the same technique.

We have a similar aspect of culture. Both are wonderful Asian cultures.

The two countries respect each other and I hope for a better future relationship.


中国和日本有政治问题 但我们的审美是相似的。





About Artist

Takayoshi Terajima, 1986 boen in Chiba, Japan, now lives and works in Munich, Germany. He holds a B.F.A & a M.F.A in metal carving at Tokyo University of the Arts, and from 2012 until now, he study in Jewellery at Academy of Fine Arts Munich as a student of Prof. Otto Künzli and Prof. Karen Pontoppidan. He is winner of various prizes and grands, including 2018 European Prize for Applied Arts “Young Talent Prize”, 2018 BKV-Prize Munich “Finalist”. He attended exhibition extensively in Germany, the Netherlands, Korea, Austria, Belgium and Portugal.

寺屿孝佳, 1986年生于日本千叶,现居德国慕尼黑。他在东京艺术大学获得金属雕刻专业的学士与硕士学位,2012年至今在慕尼黑美术学院攻读首饰,师从Otto Künzli 教授 和 Karen Pontoppidan 教授。他曾多项国际奖项,包括2018年欧洲应用艺术奖的“年轻人才奖”,2018年入选慕尼黑巴伐利亚奖决赛。他在德国、荷兰、韩国、奥地利、比利时和葡萄牙等地广泛参加展览。

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