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Merav Roth

This collection is a tribute to ancient Chinese arts and craft. I was deeply inspired by the virtues of the Chinese tradition: focus, restrainment and immense patience. I imagine an encounter of an ancient Chinese artist and myself, a present day Israeli artist. It’s a dialogue of  restrain and provocation, control and freedom, moderation and impulse.

This work is my attempt to shape this dialogue in my own words. I bit into the china, felt it with my bare hands, engraved it with my fingers and created something new that still holds the original masterpiece. I did this humbly, one precise bite after the other, with utmost respect for the tradition behind each porcelain bit.



About Artist

Merav Oster Roth, born in 1985, studied under maestro Vered Kaminski, is one of the most talented young contemporary jeweler in Israel. She is a graduate of Bezalel Art & Design Academy in Jerusalem, and in 2009 participated in university exchange with Pforzheim Academy of Design (Hochschule auf Gestaltung), Jewelry Department, Pforzheim, Germany for outstanding student. She is winner of several design awards, including Award for studies achievements, Bezalel Academy, Maizler Award for excellent design, Finalist of the ITS Jewelry competition, Trieste, Italy. Her works are exhibited in Red Dot Museum, Germany, as well as in galleries among the world, including Israel, the United States, Germany, China, and presented in many art fairs like the sixth Israeli Biennale for temporary jewelry.

以色列艺术首饰界最具天分的后起之秀之一,1985年出生,师从艺术大师维莉·卡明斯基。2006年至2010年,就读于耶路撒冷的比撒列艺术学院首饰时装系。2009年,参加与德国普福尔茨海姆设计学院(Hochschule AUF Gestaltung )的优秀学生校级交流。梅拉芙·罗石曾获得比撒列艺术学院毕业生成就奖、Maizler优秀设计奖、意大利ITS珠宝首饰竞赛入围奖等多项设计奖。她的作品在以色列、美国、德国、中国等地艺术博览会和画廊中展出,如北京“无界”国际首饰艺术展、以色列首饰双年展、德国红点博物馆等。

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