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Koen Jacobs

When God created the earth, he wanted to radiate his divine light to create life. This light was so powerful that it would destroy everything it touches. To break the light, 10 vases were create to function as a filter. However the divine light was so strong that it broke 7 vases into shards which were scattered around the world, which caused evil. The shards are waiting to be reunited with God. People believe that it was necessary for the vases to break in order bring diversity into the creation of life. The three porcelain shards that I have chosen I will turn into an animal pendant.


About Artist

Koen Jacobs, born in 1989, is an Amsterdam based jewellery artist who is fascinated by the memories that jewellery can carry. His passion for nature and fascination for movement come together in a series of refined jewellery and marionettes that can really come to life. Koen combines his craftsmanship as a professional gold and silversmith with the knowledge and research he has gained at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, where he graduated in 2017. With his graduation work "The Artificial Kingdom" he won the Overduin Award 2017 and he participated in several exhibitions in the Netherlands and abroad.

科恩·雅克布,首饰艺术家,生于1989年,现居荷兰阿姆斯特丹。他对于首饰承载记忆的能力非常着迷,而对于自然和运动的热爱则使他创作了一系列精致、栩栩如生的可佩带提线偶。科恩·雅克布2017年毕业于格里特·里特维尔德学院,他的作品结合了专业的金匠技艺和学院派的研究与知识。凭借毕业作品“The Artificial Kingdom”,他获得了2017年Overduin奖,并多次在荷兰及海外参展。

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