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Kim Buck

About Artist

Kim Buck, born 1957, jeweler. He completed his jeweler’s apprenticeship with Gilbert Pretzmann in 1982 and graduated from the Danish College of Jewelry and Silversmithing in 1985. Since 1990, he has his own studio and gallery in Copenhagen, working next to jewelry with product design for different companies. Many of his products are exhibited or on sale in leading design museums around the world, among others the Museum of Modern Art in New York, as well as galleries among the world, including Denmark, Sweden, England, Finland, Norway and Switzerland. Kim Buck has participated in many group exhibitions, and his works are among the collections of the Victoria and Albert Museum, London; Museum of Decorative Arts and Design, Oslo; Museum of Arts and Design, New York; Danish Museum of Design, Copenhagen; Danish Art Foundation. Kim Buck has received a number of awards as a result of his work, including Saint Love Award (Copenhagen Goldsmith), Grant Danish Crafts, Danish Art Foundation lifelong grant. Latest, he received the important international Red Dot Design Award 2008.

As a jeweler, Kim Buck does not merely concentrate on making elegant objects, the main issue about his work is what is contemporary. His inspiration comes from his daily life, work, surrounding and the present political and religious situation where he lives his life. He is passionate about the interplay between personality and design, between the wearer and the object. This gives his pieces a strong sense of being alive. They are inanimate objects that transform into something more lifelike when they are worn. In essence, jewelry differs from other art forms, in that the wearer has a participatory relationship with the piece.

著名首饰艺术家,1957年出生于丹麦,曾于丹麦珠宝与银饰大学(现为贵金属学院)学习,1985年开始成为独立金匠,现居丹麦。1990年,他在哥本哈根成立了自己的工作室和画廊,为很多不同的公司设计作品。他的许多作品都在世界顶尖的设计博物馆展出,包括纽约现代艺术博物馆,并在丹麦、瑞典、英国、芬兰、挪威、瑞士等地的画廊举办过个展。金·巴克也参加了很多美术馆和画廊的群展。他的作品被众多博物馆所收藏,包括伦敦维多利亚和阿尔伯特博物馆、奥斯陆装饰与设计博物馆、纽约艺术与设计博物馆、丹麦设计博物馆、丹麦艺术基金协会等。他曾获得多项奖项,如圣洛耶奖、丹麦工艺奖、丹麦艺术基金终身成就奖,并于2008年,获得重要的国际奖项——红点设计奖(the Red Dot Design Award)。

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