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Frank Chai

About Artist

Frank Chai graduated from Jewelry College of Birmingham City University, UK, in 2011, and taught in this college in 2012. Since 2013, he has been teaching in Shanghai institute of visual arts. His work has won numerous awards in the International Jewelry Competition: the Best Contemporary Jewelry Design Silver Award (Gold Prize Vacancy) in the UK's highest jewellery and design award in 2012. 2014 ACD Award nomination.

柴吉昌,2011年毕业于英国伯明翰城市大学珠宝学院,2012年在英国伯明翰城市大学珠宝学院任教,2013年起任教于上海视觉艺术学院。其作品曾多次在国际珠宝大赛中获奖:2012年英国最高珠宝工艺及设计奖“金匠”奖之最佳当代珠宝设计银奖( 金奖空缺);2014年德国当代手工艺术奖提名。

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