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Einat Leader

Containers or hangers for temporary “exhibitions” of ceramic remains on the body: The containers shield and protect the pieces and “frame” them, so that if one day all the pieces are found they can be re-connected and be made whole again.

作品成为容纳临时 "展览 "于身体之上的瓷片的容器或衣架。容器,可以保护这些瓷片,将其 "框住",这样,如果有一天所有的碎片都被发现,它们就可以重新连接起来,重新成为一个整体。

About Artist

Einat Leader, born in Jerusalem, 1966, is a jeweller, curator and a researcher in the field of jewellery & metalwork and in the theory &practice of design & crafts, an associate professor of the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem (Jewellery and fashion department head 2005-2013). In her works, Leader deals with the possibility of creating a platform for critical discourse between the wearer/user and hers/his surroundings, through raising issues concerning society and culture; traditions and rituals; gender, and identity. Her works have been exhibited in solo, duo and group exhibitions in Israel and around the world including at the Spertus Museum Chicago; The Magnes Museum Berkeley; The Meizel Museum of Judaica, Denver; Museo Nacional de Belas Artes, RioDe Janeiro; Fundacion Cultural Coam, Madrid; The Jewelry Museum, Pforzheim; The Eretz IsraelMuseum, Tel aviv; Chateau de Bonaguil, France; The Design Museum, Holon; The Mingei International Museum, San Diego; The Jaffa Museum; and the Jewish Museum, Hohenems, Austria.

首饰艺术家、策展人和研究员,专注于首饰和金属制品、设计工艺理论与实践等领域。1966年出生于以色列耶路撒冷。1992年毕业于比撒列艺术与设计学院,2003年在以色列理工学院建筑与城市规划学院获得工业设计硕士学位。2005-2013年担任以色列比撒列艺术与设计学院首饰和时装系的负责人,目前则任职该系副教授。她的作品曾在世界各地广泛展出,包括:芝加哥、伯克利、丹佛、里约热内卢、马德里、德国普福尔茨海姆、特拉维夫、法国巴纳吉尔、霍隆、圣地亚哥、霍恩埃姆斯等城市。此外,她的作品也出现在多部以色列书籍和图录中,并获得了诸如1990年Judaica Design的Greiber奖、1991年迈斯勒设计卓越奖等奖项或奖金。在硕士期间,里德的论文获得了以色列理工学院建筑与城市规划学院的优秀奖,并部分出版于书籍和设计期刊。

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