Doris Betz

As a symbol of collaboration between chinese culture and western culture I´ve choosen clouds. Clouds move freely around the world. I made a research how chinese calligraphy represents clouds, and I took some examples as a design for my cloud-brooches. Next, I rolled silver wire through the mill, and then hammered it. This creates a surface that is both flat and textured. I used this textured wire to replicate the outer lines of the drawings. The brooches have a conciously large scale, so that it is a bit a challenge to wear them! I called them day-dreamer.




接着,我碾磨、捶打银线,创造一个既平整又有质感的表面。 我用这种有质感的金属丝来重现我的草图。



About Artist

Doris Betz, born 1960 in Germany, was student of master metalsmiths Hermann Jünger and Otto Künzli at the prestigious Academy of Fine Arts, Munich. Doris Betz has exhibited, lectured and led numerous workshops internationally. She is a recipient of the Herbert Hofmann Prize and the Bavarian State Prize. Doris Betz’s jewelry is in the permanent collections of die Neue Sammlung, there, as well as Schmuckmuseum, Pforzheim; Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam; and Mint Museum of Craft and Design, Charlotte, North Carolina.

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