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Bruce Metcalf

When FROOTS Gallery first sent me fragments of old Chinese blue-and-white porcelain, I thought my solution would be to compare them to something. What would that be? It was obvious that the comparison should be to the type of Western ceramics that is completely dependent on its Chinese forebear: Delft blue-and-white ceramics. I did drawings of the Dutch work on painted wood, set the Chinese fragment on top of the drawing as if it were a stone, and there it was: a conversation of histories.

收到FROOTS Gallery寄来中国青花瓷碎片时,我就在脑中寻找思考它们的比较物。那是什么呢?很明显应该是那种完全依附于中国先辈的西方陶瓷,代尔夫特蓝白瓷。我在木头上绘制了一些荷兰风格的图案,把中国的碎片像石头一样镶嵌在上面,于是就有了:历史的对话。

About Artist

Bruce Metcalf earned a B.F.A. degree in 1972 at Syracuse University and an M.F.A. at the Tyler School of Art of Temple University in 1977. Metcalf taught at Kent State University in Ohio from 1981 to 1991. He has been a contributing editor of Metalsmith magazine for nearly two decades and teaches at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. His jewelry has been included in hundreds of national and international exhibitions in the past 40 years. Metcalf has also written extensively about issues in contemporary craft and is co-author of Makers: A History of American Studio Craft with critic Janet Koplos.

布鲁斯·梅特卡夫1972年在雪城大学获得艺术学士学位,1977年在天普大学泰勒艺术学院获得艺术硕士学位。1981年至1991年,他在俄亥俄州肯特州立大学任教。布鲁斯·梅特卡夫担任《金属匠(Metalsmith)》杂志特约编辑近20年,现在费城艺术大学任教。在过去的40年里,他的作品参加了数百个国际展览。梅特卡夫还撰写了大量关于当代工艺的文章,并与评论家珍妮特·科普洛斯(Janet Koplos)合著了《创造者:美国工作室工艺史(Maker: A History of American Studio Craft)》一书。

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