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Anna Talbot

I am creating a story for my ceramic pieces, giving them a new home and a new world.

The larger piece depict some of the china being dug up from the ground and presented as a gift.

The smaller one shows the piece being carried along by a bird in flight.

The three smaller pieces all combine the china with my patterns, the found objects become part of a larger story - combining materials, colors and textures.





About Artist

Anna Talbot, jewelry artist, born in Born in Leeds, UK in 1978, she now lives and works in Oslo, Norway. From 2001-2004 she completed a BA (hons) degree in Silversmithing, Jewellery and Allied Crafts at London Metropolitan University. From 2007 – 2009 she did a MA degree at Oslo National Academy of the Arts in the metal and jewellery department. Anna Talbot has extensively attended exhibitions in Norway and other countries around the world, including Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, the United States, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Finland, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands. Her work has been collected by art institutions around the world, including the Norwegian Museum of Southern Norway, the Röhsska Museum in Switzerland, the Pahlman Collection in Finland, and the National Museum in Oslo, Norway.

安娜·塔尔博特,首饰艺术家,1978年出生于英国利兹,现居挪威奥斯陆。她曾在挪威卑尔根攻读艺术史与比较文学专业,又于伦敦都会大学获首饰专业的荣誉学士学位。并于2009年获得奥斯陆艺术学院的艺术硕士学位。安娜·塔尔博特广泛地在挪威和世界其他国家举办展览,包括 比利时、巴西、丹麦、美国、德国、奥地利、瑞士、芬兰、英国、荷兰等国家。她的作品 被世界各地的机构收藏,包括挪威的挪威南部美术馆,瑞士的罗斯卡博物馆,芬兰的Pahlman收藏,挪威奥斯陆国家博物馆等等。

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