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The Yellow Island: Anat Rozenson Solo Exhibition

June 09, 2023 -

July 23, 2023


Artists: Anat Rozenson

A yellow island surrounded by infinite green, this image had been floating in Anat Rozenson’s mind’s eyes for a long time until one day, she decided to create a painting of it. The talent of imagination is one of the reasons which makes Rozenson stand out among the young generation of contemporary painters. The process of her invention for a new work starts from a sparkle. Sometimes it is a subconscious image, as in “A yellow island”; Sometimes, she chooses it from her daily life, as in “Code Name Violets,” which was based on five close female friends’ periodic meetings; It may also combine imagination and reality, as in “The Red Trumpet.” One day  Ronzenson’s son told her his discovery in their garden: a flower bloomed like a red trumpet. The artist's keen instinct clung to this word which carried rich symbolic meanings and immediately opened streams of imagination. After choosing the “sparkle,” Rozenson will methodically guide her powerful vision and carefully build up on the canvas an aesthetic and multiple-layered realm where both poetic and symbolic scene takes place. All great artists have the distinctive ability of imagination, Bruegel, Michelangelo, Van Gogh, and Dalí, to name a few. Every one of them has a unique way of visualizing his imagination. Anat Rozenson often picks daily objects, home spaces, landscapes, and familiar people, relocates, and weaves them together in a new order. She emphasizes their symbolic meaning and, at the same time, connects these elements with color areas and especially with beautiful patterns to create an illusion of a natural and continuous world. Ronzenson’s paintings always enhance the effect of beauty and are pleasant to the eyes. Under the aesthetic appearance, there is joy and love but much more conflicts, pains, and questions. The artist doesn't mind if an observor stops at the stage of admiring the picture's beauty and doesn't perceive its deeper layers. I assume what is most important for her art is always the exchange with the audience. 

Nature is the source of human’s imagination. Anat Rozenson chose to live in the Golan Hights so that she and her family could live as close as possible to nature. The Golan Heights rise up to the east of the Sea of Galilee in the far north east of Israel. Home to some most spectacular landscapes, big variety of plants, it is open, wild and far removed from cities. Like New Mexico for Georgia O’Keefe , Arles for Vincent  Van Gogh, Golan nourishes and inspires Anat Rosenson’s creation. In the Golan Heights, the bright sunlight which she loves is even more stronger than in other parts of Israel, the wind in winter blowing sounder, and nature shows distinct beauty in different seasons. Her sight reaches to the horizon when she gazes from her studio or from her garden. She goes on many trips with her family and her children, explores the mountains, woods, rivers and waterfalls. Many of the landscapes and spots she visited became “the stage set” or part of it for her paintings, for example, the creek in “The Red Trumpet”. HOME is always Rozenson's focus.  Though sometimes symble of unsafety, nature is one of her spiritual homes in her paintings as well as in her life.   

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