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Attai Chen

Dec 13,2023 - Jan 31,2024


Artist:Attai Chen

This exhibition is dedicated to the memory of our dear friend Attai Chen(1979- 2023). It follows his prolific creative journey, from his earliest works of jewelry to his large wall sculptures.
The cooperation between FROOTS Gallery and Attai Chen began with the gallery's first exhibition in 2014. Since then, FROOTS Gallery collaborated with Attai on numerous exhibitions, including his solo one "Attai Chen: In Motion“(2018) and the duo exhibition "Micro Mania" with his partner Carina Shoshtary (2017). Attai was always enthusiastic about cultural exchange and teaching. In 2018, under the auspices of FROOTS, he taught a two-month jewelry graduate workshop at the China University of Geosciences in Wuhan.
Attai ranks among the most influential artists that FROOTS Gallery ever had the honor of showcasing. He visited our gallery several times and was loved and admired by the FROOTS’community. Private collectors and public institutions purchased his works, which they greatly admired. Even as stars fall, their light endures. FROOTS holds this exhibition so that the light from Attai's works would continue to shine upon us.

FROOTS Gallery 与阿泰· 翰的合作始于2014年画廊成立首展。如同他这幅摄影里一片叶子飘落于蘑菇而构成新的“混合体”,我们相遇而成为一个新的风景,并一同做一些新事情。FROOTS Gallery 与阿泰合作举办过多次展览,其中包括2018年个展“阿泰· 翰:生生不已”,2017年与其伴侣卡琳娜· 朔实特瑞双人展“倔匠”。阿泰一直热心艺术交流,积极要求FROOTS帮助协调来国内进行教学和讲座活动,其中2018年他在武汉中国地质大学首饰研究生班短期授课。除此之外,2016年在FROOTS鼓励并资助下,阿泰创作了第一件令人赞叹不已的墙面雕塑作品。阿泰是FROOTS 画廊最具影响力的艺术家之一,他的作品频频被国内私人和公共机构收藏。

恒星坠落,光芒犹在。FROOTS 举办这个展览,为让阿泰的艺术之光照射到更多朋友的生命中。作品销售所得也将支持阿泰生前计划的画册出版。

Compounding fractions
The present series of works relies primarily on recycled paper as the source material collected in fragments and compiled.
I was working with paper exactly the same way I was working earlier with metal, creating layers of peels that accumulate one atop another to form three-dimensional bodies.

It is my intention in these works to trace and create forms that capture the unfolding of nature’s cyclical process in a man-made world.
In my work, I wish to capture the aesthetic beauty in this somewhat destitute condition and follow a process of unraveling growth to a fully evolved form, that has emerged from fragments of piled up discarded scrap material, tangible yet transitory.



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