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Van der Leest & Garibi:
Rhapsody & Symphony

Sep 23, 2023-
Nov 30, 2023


Artist: Felieke van de Leest, Ilan Garibi

“A rhapsody in music is a one-movement work that is episodic yet integrated, free-flowing in structure, featuring a range of highly contrasted moods, colour, and tonality. An air of spontaneous inspiration and a sense of improvisation make it freer in form than a set of variations.

A symphony is an extended musical composition for orchestra. A work usually consists of multiple distinct sections or movements, often four, with the first movement in sonata form. Symphonies are almost always scored for an orchestra consisting of a string section (violin, viola, cello, and double bass), brass, woodwind, and percussion instruments. (Wikipedia)

While Rhapsody is the musical definition of Felieke, a symphony represents the structural work of mine.

Just like in music, which is based on a set of eight notes, all the pieces presented by me are made from a small number of basic creases. Those basic folds, called molecules, are the notes of the score. Each by itself has no power but put together, and you get a full symphony.

Three of the groups of works consist of four parts, the fourth is broken into smaller portions, and they all together follow the structure of the symphony.”
---Ilan Garibi







Just a minor update:

All is okay here; I hope for some nice snow as the days get darker, but who knows? Quiet days in my atelier, listening to a lot of minimal music (Sati, Glass, Einaudi), perfect for concentration :-) I suggest listening to this piece from a Dutch composer: There are many versions, but the one with the four grand pianos is my favorite. Ilan also likes it :-)
这里(挪威Øystese村)一切都很好;我希望在天变得更短的时候会多下一些雪,但谁知道呢?我工作室安静的日子里,听了很多极简音乐(Sati, Glass, Einaudi),非常适合集中注意力 :-) 我建议听一位荷兰作曲家的这首曲子: 有很多版本,但有四架大钢琴的那个是我的最爱。伊兰也喜欢 :-)

I have made some tryouts for my project with Ilan Garibi, but I still need to feel good enough to continue.

I have not given up on the idea that I prefer some crochet works.

This is it for now. In some weeks, my Christmas card will arrive in your mailbox. I managed to make a nice one also this year. There is no Photoshop involved; the background is just the lid of a jigsaw puzzle :-)
再过几个星期,我的圣诞卡就会寄到你的邮箱里。今年我也做了一个不错的。没有使用Photoshop;背景只是拼图游戏的盖子 :-)

Warm wishes, Felieke

I am working on the "Origami" project. I am now at the stage where I almost know what to make. The folding part of origami fits poorly with my working process and the materials and techniques I like to work with. The Origami’s repetition of forms fits better. I worked this year with squares to make a necklace for the garden-inspired exhibition. However, for this project, I chose to work with triangles instead. I wouldn't mind making something abstract, but I choose not to because that is too far away from what I usually make: figurative work, mostly with animals. And I didn't want to make a very complex work, so I kept it simple.

I played with the triangles and made a cat's head (also a dog's head, but for now, I keep to the cat). The crocheted triangles have two sides, and within is an aluminum sheet triangle (maybe I will change that into stainless steel). You see the highly polished metal through the holes in the crochet parts, just like mirrors. I like the effect.

I used silver and red in the crocheted prototype, but I constantly changed my mind about what to do. As it is now, I am not so content, and it is too dull. I will do other colors and want to make it look different on both sides. At the moment, I am even thinking about neon colors......I don't know if that is because the spring has started here :-)
(The funny is that just before I had the Zoom meeting with Ilan, it came to my mind that a "triangle" is also a musical instrument! )
(有趣的是,就在我和伊兰开视频会议之前,我突然想到 “三角(铁)” 也是一种乐器!)

Ilan and I had a fruitful meeting on Monday, and we showed what we were working on. The triangle form is quite dominant in both of our works. You may have seen his FB post from yesterday, but there is a stunning new work that he will show at our exhibition. (And I love those clothespins still attached to the paper. They probably will go, but it is such a funny detail to have them peeping from behind this abstract all-white work :-)

Now, I have to make decisions, especially about the jewelry bits. What material to make the necklace? What to use for the connection between the head and the ears,between the ears and the necklace?”
现在,我得做决定了,尤其是关于首饰领域的问题:链子用什么材料做? 用什么来连接头和耳朵,耳朵和项链?

Warm wishes,

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