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Yasmin 海报完稿-小尺寸版.jpg

Underwater Impressions: Art Jewelry Exhibition

Duration:2017.8.22 - 2017.10.31

Venue:FROOTS Beijing

​Artist:Yasmin Vinograd

Diving and creating jewelry are my greatest passions.


A journey to the inner world and underwater fantasy, and the jewelry craftsmanship in the studio.


Looking above the waters, no one can imagine that underneath the waves lies a spectacular world. Silent, flowing world, full of life and hidden visions.


In my studio, by the jewelry table, I dive into myself, crafting the impressions of the depths into objects, translating them to gold and silver, forever making them a memory in the raw metal.


In my work I use traditional manual techniques, in order to preserve the primal experience of meeting the underwater world.


Yasmin Vinograd


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