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Traces 2018: Hadas Levin

Duration:2018.3.22 - 2018.7.8

Venue:FROOTS Shanghai

​Artist:Hadas Levin

With Jewelry there is always a story.


One that is woven between the Maker, the Wearer and the Viewer. We tend to attribute to it different contents. It always plays a role. We wear it as a statement, either intimate and personal, political or social. As we wear the Jewelry object, as a small scale intimate art piece, the story grows, evolves and develops, layer by layer. As the wearer moves around in space the object is influenced by an ongoing random change, such as, varying backgrounds, different lights and differing angles of presentation, while the viewer is confronted with a constant flow of endless points of view. I weave my own story into my work. One told in a language of Materials, Images and forms. 


Current Exhibition Traces 2018 brings together three main series of work. All part of the same personal search and research. An ongoing process Creating a collection of objects and forms to find their way as fragments in some other story to be told.

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