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201607 「精心」以色列和欧洲当代艺术首饰展.jpg

Spermheart: Art Jewelry Exhibition

Duration:2016.7.26 - 2016.8.31

Venue:FROOTS Shanghai

​Artists:Amitai Kav, Dana Hakim, Felieke Van Der Leest, Hadas Levin, Jonathan Kav, Ohada Gordon, Osnat Har Noy, Rory Hopper, Vered Kaminski, Yasmin Vinograd

People often come to our gallery searching for lovers’ gifts. Since ancient times, jewelry has expressed passion and has served to tie the knot. Therefore, our innovative new exhibition is dedicated to the eternal topic of romance with1 10 outstanding jewelry artists. In them, Dutch jewelry artist, Felieke van der Leest brings her brooch series “Spermheart” made of red rope that is a symbol of love in China. Israeli artist Yasmin Vinograd specially made a necelace series “bouquet” which means the romantic blooming and eternal moment. Vered Kaminski presents her classic work woven by just one single thread, which symbolized the persistent emotional integration between people.

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