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Shanghai Spring: International Celebration of Art Jewelry

Duration:2016.3.18 - 2016.4.2

Venue:FROOTS Shanghai


China:邹宁馨(Zou Ningxin)、吴树玉(Wu Shuyu)、杨钊(Yang Zhao)

Israel:Amitai Kav, Attai Chen, Dania Chelminsky, Ela Bauer, Hadas Levin, Merav O. Roth, Noa Nadi, Ohada Gordon, Rory Hopper, Vered Kaminski, Yasmin Vinograd
Europe:Carnina Shoshtary, Felieke Van Der Leest

Welcome to the international celebration of art jewelry. 18 artists from China, Israel and Europe bring their 56 pieces to FROOTS Gallery and meet you in Shanghai Spring.


This special exhibition showcases classic works by world-renowned jewelry artists like Vered Kaminski, Deganit Stern Schocken, as well as modern design from aspiring young designers. Each piece is like telling a story, which attracts the audience to explore its intrinsic splendor aspect.


As chief editor of a contemporary jewelry magazines Oana Tudoran once wrote “jewelry is an in-between, an open boarder between person A and person B. Don't lose it in a drawer, don't ignore it. Give it a new home, yourself……pack it in your luggage/shoulder bag/purse for later. Get super-attached. Be miserable when it gets broken. Oh, how romantic.


We invite you to enjoy the romantic party of art jewelry.

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