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Claudia Biehne

Claudia Biehne, Born in Leipzig, Germany, in 1974, study postgraduate course at HfKD Burg Giebichenstein in Halle/S from 1996 to 2003. She studied abroad at École des Beaux Arts in Luxembourg, at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, as well as the University of Art and Design Helsink. Since 2004 she does freelance work and since 2007 cooperation with Stefan Passig. since 2015 she became member of the International Academy of Ceramics (AIC) and won the 2018 European Prize for Applied Arts. Her works could be seen at important exhibitions in the USA, UK, Japan, Austria, and the Netherlands, as well as in Germany. Her works can today be found in renowned museums and international private art collections.

Claudia Biehne’s porcelain artefacts constantly blur the line between art and design, as they are sometimes functional, but at other times highly conceptual and process focused. Porcelain generally is perceived as a traditional material, and everyone knows that cups, plates and knickknacks are made of porcelain, but what else is the material good for? What is in it and wishes to be released? This fact offers an interesting scope for creation. CLAUDIA BIEHNE combines craftsmanship at the highest level with distinctive artistic articulation. Porcelain is treated in a modern way in which the artist articulates her own signature with great pleasure in experimenting and a curious urge for discovery along the limits of the possible. In nature we find the archetype of all creation and the cradle of our existence, even just in the form of uncontrollable cracks or imprints of dried leaves and crumbled paper. Her works transmute everyday items into something new intended to release sensitive energies in the beholder.

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