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Present Perfect: David Gerstein

Duration:2018.3.18 - 2018.6.20

Venue:FROOTS Beijing

​Artist:David Gerstein

Public sculptures are the most creative and representative art works of David Gerstein, which can be seen in many parts of the world, including the landmark sculpture “Momenta” in Singapore. His sculpture cutouts are also unique and popular. The great success of both fills us with expectations to his outstanding paintings and sculptures.


In this exhibition, we have the honor to display the recent paintings and indoor sculptures by David Gerstein, which are rarely seen.


Gerstein began to study painting since young, and he then went to four leading art schools internationally. Through long-term and unremitting exploration, not only he has understood different art movements, but also his painting technique was also gradually perfected and skilled. It finally forms Gerstein-styled sculpture and painting that is rich in content, multifarious in style with the spirit of our time.


Artistic attainments are inseparable from the artist's personality and view of life and world. The reason why the artistic creation of Gerstein is so colorful and creative is because of his love and passion for life and his profound curiosity about the world. More importantly, he sees everyone as fully equal individuals. Regardless of famous collectors or ordinary audiences, he listens to the comments and opinions of every one of us without difference. It is equally important that the creation of Gerstein is not to satisfy his own self-talk, as he is eager to communicate with audiences through his works, with you, or me, or him (her), or any of us.


The exhibition named as “Present Perfect” implies the past, present and future; the word “perfect” means “flawlessness” in English. I believe that the title is chosen not only for a true expression of confidence and positive personality of David Gerstein, but it also corresponds with our praise of Gerstein’s paintings and sculptures, while at the same time, it is praise and blessing of each of us standing in front of his work.

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