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201612 振翼 壳内外.jpeg

Memory in a Shell & Flutterings: Art Jewelry Twin Exhibition

Duration:2016.12.23 - 2017.1.20

Venue:FROOTS Shanghai

​Artists:Yasmin Vinograd, Noa Nadir

We are honored to present the twin exhibition of two Israeli artists Noa Nadir and Yasimin Vinograd, respectively “ Flutterings” and “Memory in a Shell”. The presentation of two independent themes shows the artist's speculation and exploration of life in the unique form of artistic jewelry




The Flutterings exhibition features art jewelry works in different forms made by Noa Nadir using clock parts as materials combined with traditional Israeli jewelry handcraft through her interpretation and reshaping of clocks. The theme of the exhibition conveys the artist’s exploration of time and eternity. In the Flutterings work series, she vividly expresses the invisible elapse of time with the fluttering of elements that resembles a butterfly wing on the clock face in homage to the fleeting time. In life where elapsed time cannot be captured, Noa Nadir always manages to maintain her composure and the creation of touching works often require a slow accumulation and fermentation process for her.

Memory in a Shell

“Memory in a Shell" presents the joint project of Israeli jewelry artist Yasmin Vinograd and photographer Leora Cheshin. Yasmin use art jewelry to present her perception of nature and life with metal, silk, pearl and other materials with different textures to simulate the natural state of organisms in different forms. In this exhibition, in the collision of different art forms, comparing art jewelry with photographic works, and with the analogy of broken eggshell to silver jewelry, the meaning of stripping and rebirth is expressed.


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