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Mandala and Wild Birds: Art Jewelry Twin Exhibition

Duration:2017.12.13 - 2018.2.28

Venue:FROOTS Shanghai

​Artists:Amitai Kav, Jonathan Kav

Preface of “Wild Birds”Series by Amitai Kav


A Second Bird

Natan Zach (1930 - )

Translated in English by Yair Mazor.


I saw a bird of great beauty

The bird saw me

Such a bird of great beauty, I shall not see

Until the day of my death

I was touched by a thrill of sun

I said words of peace

Words which I said last night

I shall not say today anymore


Jewelry found in Mandalas


After attending a course in drawing Mandalas and fascinated by the symmetry and the geometrical beauty of them, I was interested in finding out the possibilities of translating my drawings into jewels. I have created a series of work that combines the structure Mandala, the stone material and my drawings. This series is composed of six gold pins.

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