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Layers:  David Gerstein

Duration:2017.4.22 - 2017.5.16

Venue:Today Art Museum

​Artist:David Gerstein

Israeli artis David Gerstein has been seeking to expand the boundary of painting, while cut-out sculptures represent his ground-breaking experiment to add a third dimension to paintings.


David Gerstein held his first large solo exhibition in Israel Museum in1987, hence “Gersteinian” cut-out sculptures drew extensive attention from the international art community. Three decades later, his work have been exhibited around the globe.


In his early years, David Gerstein studies at well-known art school in Israel, Paris, New York and London. He has ingeniously embraced the essences of his contemporary peers and the predecessors. When viewing Gerstein’s works through “layers” and “cut-out” facets, we will discover the insightful thoughts within the familiar and common images as well as enlightening inspiration beneath his skillful brushstrokes.


David Gerstein never woos the market, nor does he purposely flaunt the profoundness of his art. With an intensive focus on daily life, he extracts subject matters from childhood memories and personal experience and expresses his admiration of art, understanding of life and love for humanity with plain visual language.


Gerstein seeks to communicate with the general public and wishes to spread out aesthetic education with his works like seeds in the air.


LAYERS in David Gerstein’s first large solo art museum exhibition in China, featuring his cut-out sculptures and bronze sculpture in the last decade, paintings from different stages.


---CURATOR Angela Lu

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