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Jewerassic Park: Felieke van der Leest

Duration:2018.9.28 - 2018.12.15

Venue:FROOTS Beijing

​Artist:Felieke van der Leest

The pastoral opening scenes of the film Jurassic Park, made in 1993, granted a glimpse of an alien, though simultaneously familiar view of our own world in days long gone by. For Felieke van der Leest this vision provided the first spark of inspiration which eventually led, many years later, to the creation of a group of jewellery pieces called Jewelrassic Park. An object from 2014 called Think Sustainable! emerges now in a reworked version containing a beautiful, easily wearable necklace. It is probably the key piece of the series. It consists of a plastic Tyrannosaurus Rex – the model itself measuring over 30cm – with the title-text on its back. 


Felieke Van der Leest’s work is very unorthodox, yet alluring and very wearable jewelry pieces. She merges needlework and jewelry, combines art with a sense of humor. Her work pleases the senses, lifts the spirit, but it also makes one ponder about the realities of life and the way we live it.

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