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Ilan Garibi-海报 小图.jpg

Intricate Simplicity: Ilan Garibi's Origami

Duration:2017.8.22 - 2017.10.31

Venue:FROOTS Beijing

​Artist:Ilan Garibi

A tessellation is when tiles are arranged side by side to produce a pattern. Tessellations have existed since ancient Egyptian times. Origami tessellations have visual similarities to them; but they are not made of separate pieces of paper placed side by side: instead, they are made with one single sheet of paper which has a tessellated pattern.


How can one manipulate such intricate patterns out of a simple sheet of paper? A paper tessellation follows some strict, yet very simple rules that allow the spreading of the basic molecule in all direction.


Still, to reach for this one molecule you need a magical step. The creation process could be broken down to teachable steps, until you reach the uncharted section, which asks for a spark, no one knows how to ignite. The creation of paper tessellations, although they seem to be precise and mathematically based, is no exception.


The works presented here are the mirroring of the artist soul. Garibi is a disciplined, determined person, who adores accuracy and order. Being in the army for 25 years should have dried any artistic seeds he had, yet, origami flourished within him.


Garibi‘s need to climb higher as he moves forward, channeled him to new challenges, such as folding metals, wood, and other non-foldable materials. Every piece of work here is hand folded by him.


Using the mirrored stainless steel, the works are just slightly folded, and by that creates a multi directional point of views. The same idea is presented with the back lighten models, showing the inner beauty of the designs, by revealing the hidden layers. Life is a complex structure, made out of simple building stones!

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