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Paper Origami

Metal Origami

Ilan Garibi

Ilan Garibi is a renowned international origami artist, born in 1965, and now lives in Israel. His works are not only recognized in the fields of art and design, but also widely welcomed by customers in various areas. Now He is the designer for more than 200 origami models, mostly Tessellations. Cooperating with the most professional architects in Israel as well as the galleries worldwide, his works are presented in New York, Texas, Amsterdam, Milan, Beijing, Israel and Vietnam. He was invited as a guest of honor to the Polish, Italian, and French national origami conventions, and what’s more, He is the founder and the head of the committee for the first International Convention for Origami Creators, held in Lyon, 2017. Garibi is one of the founders of OrigamIsrael, which conducts several international origami conventions. He is also an editor, as well as a designer of The Fold, OUSA origami magazine.


Until Ilan met Gal Gaon, Gallery owner and an architect, he folded only paper. Becoming a part of the Talents Design Gallery team driven him to explore new design areas and new materials, especially such that, by nature, defy folding. Silver, leather, iron and steel plates were successful ventures, as well as wood, glass and ceramic. “After more than 30 years of diagram-folding, a spark of creativity was aflame in me. I have started to design new models, patterns, objects and sculptures all within the restrictions of the pure origami rules - no glue, no cuts, just folds and creases”. His recent works are installations of many pieces to portray in large scale geometric explorations. The pallet of metals was enlarged and includes stainless steel, iron, brass and aluminum.

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