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201605 「飞 Flying」梅拉芙·罗石当代首饰个展.jpeg

Flying: Merav Roth Solo Exhibition

Duration:2016.5.10 - 2016.6.30


​Artist:Merav Roth

Merav O Roth, a goldsmith and a designer, was born in 1985 in Israel, and she creates contemporary 'smart jewelry’. She is a graduate of Bezalel Art & Design Academy in Jerusalem. Now she creates and live in Israel.


She likes to look at her design process as an 'invention' - some of her jewels are kinetic, some are changeable, and other focus on pure, minimalistic lines. Every piece she makes is a result of a long journey of design, experiment, accuracy, and careful crafting.


She works with gold, silver, stainless steel and other materials. All of her jewelry is handmade, creative and high-ending.


“In my work I'm inspired by the human eternal desire to fly. It seems like since the man started to walk erect he also started to dream of ways to touch the sky.


In one series of works I try to build my own flying machine, using kinetic and mechanic elements that respond to the motion of the body.


Other series of works use the air as a main part of the jewelry material - I'm looking at the 'body atmosphere', the air that surrounds us, and wondering- how does the jewelry touch the body? Floating around it? Landing on it? How does it feel? And which kind of relationship they create?”


——Merav O Roth

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