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Flutterings: Art Jewelry Exhibition

Duration:2017.8.22 - 2017.10.31

Venue:FROOTS Beijing

​Artist:Noa Nadir

The Flutterings exhibition features art jewelry works in different forms made by Noa Nadir using clock parts as materials combined with traditional Israeli jewelry handcraft through her interpretation and reshaping of clocks. She infuses each piece of jewelry with decorative concept and presents earrings, rings and necklaces in a variety of forms including bicycles, wind-bells, spinning tops, hanging decorations and clock pendulums.


The theme of the exhibition conveys the artist’s exploration of time and eternity. In the Flutterings work series, she vividly expresses the invisible elapse of time with the fluttering of elements that resembles a butterfly wing on the clock face in homage to the fleeting time. In life where elapsed time cannot be captured, Noa Nadir always manages to maintain her composure and the creation of touching works often require a slow accumulation and fermentation process for her.


“Used and antique materials, that time has made its mark on with the inner workings of clocks and watches, hold a notion of time within, as well as a visual affirmation that time passes - as we do.”

---Noa Nadir

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