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Grey Matter

Israeli Painting and Contemporary Jewelry Exhibition

July 28 -

November 30, 2019

FROOTS Shanghai


Artists:David Goss, Einat Leader

The title of this exhibition Grey Matter is a metaphor to both biological and research Information sources; the one is natural and organic, the other is artificial. The first is alive and vivid, the second is inanimate and still. From the organic aspect, Grey Matter refers to the tissue that comprises most of the neuronal cell bodies of our brain and neural system. The grey matter includes regions of the brain that enable us to interact with the world: involved in muscle control and sensory perception. In the context of this exhibition it relates to matter that “enables” us to interact, perceive and understand our surroundings. These are enabling objects of mediation, like the jewellery pieces and the paintings that simultaneously convey complex cultural and emotional meanings.  From the research Information source aspect, the term Grey materials or Grey literature - commonly refers to diverse materials obtained outside conventional and traditional commercial and academic sources. Nowadays, the concept generally means research documents that are not controlled by commercial publishers and that the publishing is not the aim in itself. Grey literature is connected to this exhibition, in the way we experience and collect knowledge about our surroundings, interpret it, used by us but without any ulterior motive or gain.


This exhibition Grey Matter is a development of Einat Leader and David Goss’ previous joint exhibition Borrowed Syndrome (2015) held at the Artist Studios in Tel Aviv and was followed by a book with the title that received the cultural endowment of the Israeli National Lottery - Mifal Hapayis (edited by Tali Tamir and designed by Gimel2).

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