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Solo Exhibition of Anat Rozenson

December 19, 2020 -

March 31, 2021

FROOTS Shanghai

The Palace of ​Shattered Vessles

Artists: Andrea Wagner (NL), Anna Talbot (NOR), Bruce Metcalf (U.S.A), Camilla Luihn (NOR), Deganit Shocken (ISR), Doris Betz (GER), Einat Leader (ISR), Ela Bauer (ISR), Felieke van der Leest (NOR), Frank Chai (CHN), Georg Dobler (GER), Hadas Levin (ISR), Heng Lee (TW), Jian Jiao (CHN), Jun Hu (CHN), Junghoo Kim (KOR), Karin Seufert (GER), Kim Buck (DEN), Koen Jacobs (NL), Margit Jaschke (GER), Mari Ishikawa (JPN), Maria Rosa Franzin (ITA), Merav Roth (ISR), Mengnan Qu (CHN&CA), Mikkiko Minewaki (JPN), Mingrui Sun (CHN), Myung Urso (KOR), Sayumi Yokouchi (JPN), Shirly Bar-Amotz (ISR), Taidi Wang (CHN), Takayoshi Terajima (JPN), Tanel Veenre (EST), Tore Svensson (SWE), Trinidad Contreras (ESP), Vered Kaminski (ISR), Xian'ou Ni (CHN), Yasmin Vinograd (ISR), Yi Shen (CHN)


In 2019, FROOTS Gallery exhibited the extrordinary project of “The Palace of Shattered Vessels --- Chinese Porcelain and Contemporary Jewelry”. In 2020, “The Palace of Shattered Vessels” has yield new fruit --- a new project, which is the continuation of the first one.

 This new project reflects the paramount significance that FROOTS attaches to cultural exchange.  We encourage international artists to research, debate and recreate from diverse angles the theme “East-West Exchange.” 

As the leading Chinese gallery of art jewelry, FROOTS aims to introduce this art form to a large audience. Hence, we paid special attention to pricing.  Reaching out to the public at large, our thirty seven selected artists created exquisite yet affordable pieces of art. These jewels are “Light Catchers”, which will help people search for light and build a better world.


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