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Jingdezhen & Amsterdam

Contemporary Ceramics Exhibition

December 22, 2019 -

February 16, 2020

FROOTS Shanghai


Artists: Claudia Biehne, Peter Hoogeboom, Paul Smith, Thomas Stollar

This ceramics exhibition showcases the Residency Program of Froots Gallery at Jingdezhen. It also brings to the fore the significant connection that has existed for centuries between Jingdezhen and other world-renowned centers of ceramics, such as Amsterdam.  


Three renowned ceramic artists were hosted this year at the Jingdezhen FROOTS Artist Residency Program: Claudia Biehne from Germany, Paul Smith from the UK, and Thomas Stollar from the USA. Their diverse works rank among the highest achievements of contemporary ceramic art, even as they all pay tribute to the Jingdezhen birthplace of this art form. 


Alongside the works created in Jingdezhen, this extraordinary exhibition features ceramic jewelry pieces by Peter Hoogeboom. This acclaimed Dutch artist employs the universal ceramic vocabulary to recreate iconic objects of individual cultures: Tea sets from China and Japan; vegetable-pickling jars from the city of Tianjin, China; and flower pots from Holland. Hoogeboom transforms these objects into art-jewelry treasures.

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