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Small is Beautiful: David Gerstein Solo Painting Exhibition

Duration:2019.7.28 - 2019.11.30

Venue:FROOTS Shanghai

​Artists:David Gerstein

A total of 78 small paintings by David Gerstein is exhibited in the exhibition.


In recent years, at times we visited David’s studio, we noticed he had done more and more small format of paintings, mostly for the conception and composition of large works. But obviously, David was very enthusiastic about them. When he showed us his early works, an amazing number of small paintings stood out too. They were as magnificent as his big paintings that were regarded as masterpieces.  When the curators presented the idea of this exhibition to David, he said happily: "I really like to make small paintings!"


Although David has been creating small paintings all the time, this exhibition consists mainly of the works he concentrated and made in three months for the purpose of the show. As an artist, David never lacks creative materials. He always carries a sketchbook and iPad with him, and draws his surroundings and people. When preparing the exhibition, he chose from the materials several subjects which interested him most during the last two years and painted a large series of small formats of each. He turned this exhibition into a project. Near a hundred paintings, in one go. Therefore, each of the works in the exhibition is independent by itself on one hand, and is also an element of a grand installation on the other hand.


“… Small paintings, like sketches, offer the viewer direct access into the artist’s thoughts.” ---David Gerstein


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