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KGB: Art Jewelry Exhibition

March 1 - May 4, 2022

FROOTS Shanghai


Artists:Kim Buck, Tore Svensson,

              Karin Seufert

FROOTS Shanghai's new art jewelry exhibition "KGB" brings nearly 200 art jewelry pieces by artists Kim Buck, Tore Svensson and Karin Seufert. The innovation of forms and materials, using art jewelry as a medium, accommodates the effort to cross the boundaries of art disciplines and the desire for cultural exchange.


KGB stands for København, Göteborg, Berlin and also for Kim, Tore and Karin. During the decades, they have organized exhibitions all over the world and actively communicated with the public in order to promote art jewelry. The artists' desire for contemporary art jewelry to be able to communicate with each other and speak to a wider audience is embedded in their work.


The works in this exhibition expand the possibilities of artistic effects on many levels, such as structure, shape, color and composition, and are a new exploration of the visual expression of contemporary art. At the same time art and design are merged into one. Plastic, steel, ceramics, cans, etc. materials become an important factor, etching, hammering, gilding, firing, creating without any boundaries to bother. Kim's life in Jingdezhen, Tore's memories of the lake, life experiences flowing into the creative process, constitute their individual expression.


The curation of "KGB" exhibition started back in 2019, while it was suspended in 2020 under Covid-19. As artists and FROOTS keeps promoting contemporary art jewelry, "KGB" is finally here today after two years.  Since the founding of the art jewelry group KGB, cultural integration has been an endeavor of its creation. It is the common wish of KGB and FROOTS to let people around the world see diverse cultures in their works, to let more people appreciate and wear art jewelry, to link artists and the public, and to create beauty with art.

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