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无壁之屋 海报竖.jpg

​Confessions of A House Builder


Venue:FROOTS Beijing

​Artists:Anat Rozenson

The exhibition addresses the concept of home-its essence, yearning thereto, its force as well as the challenges it poses for me as a woman and a mother. At the same time, the show also sets out to decipher the tension between the physical space of the house, and its existence in mental realms.


The timing of the exhibition coincides with the process of building my own private family home. These two significant projects of making a home and making art were intended to accompany each other, question and shed light on one another. The works in the exhibition reflect profound thoughts about the individual’s existential need for a home, and about my own emotional and physical attempt to imagine an ideal family future through the house walls. It is a concrete space which reflects interpersonal relationships.


The works raise questions about a visionary quest vs. reality, intimacy and security, interior and exterior, etc. In addition, they explore the interrelations between sentimental, mundane objects and their owners, as well as the human relationships created in the space.

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