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201611 播种喜悦.png

Bring Joy to Life

Duration:2016.11.15 - 2017.1.20

Venue:FROOTS Shanghai


Art Jewelry: Amitai Kav, Attai Chen, Carnina Shoshtary, Dana Hakim, Hadas Levin, Noa Nadir, Vered Kaminski, Yasmin Vinograd
Others: Albi Serfaty, David Gerstein, Ilan Garibi, Lirone, Rina Mualem, Shai Azoulay, Sivan Sternbach, Uri Dushy

The exhibition "Bring Joy to Life" will be on display in the FROOTS Gallery, and the works of nearly 20 Jewish artists, from wearable art jewelry to space art, will be presented to the Chinese audience.


This is the third annual show at the FROOTS Gallery. The artworks in this exhibition are not only the latest creation of David Gerstein, the well-known and beloved Israeli public artist, but also the works of many different artists, such as the painter Shai Azoulay, whose allegorical works are exhibited for the first time in China. Lirone, a famous photographer and plastic artist living in France, has created a unique 3D work that combines photography, painting and sculpture. Ilan Garibi, who retired from the Israel defense forces and became an origami artist, made metal origami. Sivan Sternbach, a professional pastry chef in New York, returned to Israel from the United States and discover the joy of clay, creating ceramic balloons that bring joy to families around the world.

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