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A Wild Garden: Contemporary Jewelry Exhibition

Duration:2017.9.13 - 2018.11.12

Venue:FROOTS Shanghai

​Artist:Dana Hakim

Wild Garden


In her new collection, Hakim was inspired by the book of the Israeli writer Meir Shalev “My Wild Garden”. Shalev has written about the garden of his home in the Jezreel Valley where he planted wild trees and wild shrubs, planted and seeded cyclamen, anemones, daffodils, wasps and many other wildflowers. In his book he circulates in the cycle of birth and death, blossom and decay, dawn and sunset, slowly at the natural pace, with the patience of maturity, knowing that it is impossible to accelerate the beginnings or delay the ends.


Hakim’s collection composed by a series of brooches/pendants and three wall pieces made from assembled iron mesh petals. The mesh is taken from used loudspeakers that transformed into intimate pieces that are worn on the body. The series include four groups of colours representing the seasons of the year: summer, autumn, winter and spring. Like Shalev’s garden Hakim’s work is not 100 present wild, as she planted seeds and forms in this jewellery flowery garden.


Hanging Gardens


A mini series of wall pieces is part of the ‘Wild Garden’ collection. The work celebrates the spring spirit, the season of new beginning and rebirth. Hakim is playing along with the painted iron mesh while creating an imaginary spring landscape with soft-warm colours and a relishing variety in petal colours as in the wonderful spring blossom.

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