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Attai Chen

Attai Chen was born in Jerusalem, Israel in 1979. He studied and graduated from the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design at the department of Jewelry. Later he moved to Munich, Germany. There he studied and graduated as a “master student” at the Jewelry department in the Academy of Fine Arts with Professor Otto Kuenzli.


He is a winner of various awards and grants such as the “Herbert Hofmann Prize”, "The Oberbeirisher Foerderpreis” or applied arts and the Andy Prize for contemporary crafts which is one of the most important prizes for modern design in Israel.


Today Attai works and lives in Munich, and teaches Jewelry as a guest tutor at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem, Israel. He also participates in exhibitions at various galleries, museums and fairs around the world including the Design Museum, London, “Collect” at the Saatchi Gallery, Schmuck Museum, Pforzheim, Arenheim Museum.


Attai is represented by various galleries such as Gallery Ra, Amsterdam, Gallery Spektrum, Munich, Gallery R. Jaeger, Hochheim, and Gallery Loupe, New Jersey.


He has work in permanent collections of several public and private collections such as the Donna Shnier Collection at the Metropolitan Museum, NY, and The Museum of Deign, Munich (Pinakotek der Modern).


Attai's work is diverse. He works with different kinds of materials; from gold and silver to wood and recycled paper, though his main source of inspiration is nature. He is trying to bring out and emphasize the individual and odd beauty of unique elements of nature and show, on one hand, its fragility, and on the other hand, it's strong hold on existence and the power to reincarnate always in a new fascinating form and matter.