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ART FROOTS 2019 · Beijing


Venue:FROOTS Beijing

​Artists:Eva Armisen, Avital Avital, Shai Azoulay, Ilan Garibi, David Gerstein, Alon Gil, Dana Hakim, JOJO, Felieke van der Leest, Rachel London, Rina Mualem, Sivan Sternbach

"ART FROOTS" is in the form of serial mini art fairsthat are planned to show in different cities every year. There are 12 artists participating in this exhibition. Most of their works are drawn from daily life and surrounding environment. It echoes with an implicit theme, which is the light of art. You can see that the works of all artists, with vivid colors and images close to life, are easy to generate resonance with the audience. Like a beam of light, it not only gives us an artistic perspective to look at familiar things, but also warms people's hearts.

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