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A Midwinter Night‘s Dream

December 22, 2018 -

February 28, 2019

FROOTS Shanghai


Artists:Lena Revenko, Paul Smith, Anna Talbot

This exhibition brings together three artists, who work in three different mediums --- painting, jewelry, and ceramic sculpture --- and yet they explore one and the same topic in all their works: animals and the human interaction with animals. 

Their art works revive the primary subject of ancient art, which was created at the times when animals closely interacted with human society and they inspired tremendously humans' imagination in literature, music and art.


“Are you sure 

That we are awake? It seems to me

That yet we sleep, we dream...”

[A Midsummer Night’s Dream, ACT IV, SCENE I] 


“Having once this juice,

I’ll watch Titania when she is asleep,

And drop he liquor of it in her eyes.

The next thing when she is waking looks upon, 

Be it on lion, bear, or wolf, or bull, 

On meddling monkey, or on busy ape,

She shall pursue it with the soul of love.


[A Midsummer Night’s Dream, ACT II, SCENE I] 

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