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Nature Love

27 Sep - 12 Dec, 2022

FROOTS & Plant Planet


Artists:David Gerstein, Dina Shahar, Norman Mooney and designer Neng Qian

The work of David Gerstein, Dina Shahar, Norman Mooney and designer Neng Qian is on display at Plant planet. After a summer of extreme heat, this exhibition brings a refreshing mood. The lush plantings and herbs are hidden in a natural gallery in the middle of a farm garden. The exhibition is a fusion of art, design and new planting technology, and is an exploration of the ecological crisis and environmental issues we are facing today.

The increase in urban density is shrinking the greenery on the earth, and the busy urbanites are drifting away from nature. The world we live in has slowly turned into a digital world. The unstoppable digital virtualization is not an easy way to environmental harmony. The substitution of virtual and real environment cannot eliminate the increasing loneliness. The earth is still the home of human beings, and in the midst of many ecological conditions, artists are always thinking about how to reshape the relationship between human beings and other life on earth, so as to return to a breathable and fluid environment.

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