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Anat Rozenson

Anat Rozenson Ben-Hur (b. 1979), an artist specializing in painting and a lecturer on art, lives and works in the Golan Heights, Israel. She holds a BFA from the Department of Fine Art, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem (2005) and an MFA from the Department of Fine Arts, University of Haifa (2015). Her works depict various domestic scenes which are intertwined on the painterly surface, weaving a new setting subject to interpretation. Ranging from flattening to depth, the images spawn a new, original narrative, eliciting quandaries about the painterly and thematic distinction between the wheat and the chaff

"My In my works I delve, primarily, into the domestic space, from a contemporary feminine vantage point. I am interested in the concept of “place,” both as an external sphere which corresponds with nature, the environment, and society, and as an internal, private-intimate sphere reflected in one’s psyche; home as a locus that inspires the individual with a sense of belonging and security, and at the same time—a structure that requires maintenance and intense work to preserve it as such. It is a place that absorbs human energies and a mundane routine, which remains etched in the “spirit” of the house as a testimony, even at times of physical human absence.


The female figure in the paintings is usually portrayed as distant, refined, and quiet. At the same time, the woman in my works also represents the gap between the concepts of freedom and subordination. Her figure conveys an interplay between the Sisyphean, arduous work filling a woman’s life and the modern illusion that all fields are open to women. The search for purpose and the meaning of the Sisyphean labor involved in “maintaining” all aspects of the household is translated in my paintings into the painterly act itself, which symbolizes the fine relations among the diverse tensions in different areas of life, alongside the intricacy of the aforesaid intrinsic and extrinsic realms."

---Anat Rozenson

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