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1/X:International Contemporary Artists Group Exhibition

APR 15, 2023 -

Jun 19, 2023


Artists: Aqua Studio、Avital Avital、Shai Azoulay、Claudia Biehne、Kim Buck、Einat Cohen、Ilan Garibi、Dana Hakim、Abid Javed、Vered Kaminski、Felieke Van Der Leest、Yair Levi、Giulio Menossi、Noam&Michal、Klari Reis、Karin Seufer、Thomas Stoller、Tore Svensson、Anna Talbot 

From prehistoric cave paintings onwards, art has been an important link between man and nature. Art expresses an understanding of nature and a dialogue with it. The many great arts of ancient times, such as the bronzes of China's Xia and Shang dynasties, the pyramids of Egypt and the Nazca lines of Peru, were created not for the purpose of being admired, but in the hope that the mysterious and powerful force would receive the prayers of mankind. Today, when science has solved the mysteries of nature, and nature no longer seems mysterious, and mankind even has the illusion of being able to detach from and control nature, art proposes that it is necessary to explore nature with another attitude. This attitude is to immerse oneself in nature, not just to study it as an object in a laboratory. It has become the mission of many contemporary artists to continue the dialogue with nature and to find the correct position of human beings in relation to nature.

Fourteen artists, two studios and a three-artist group from Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Israel and the United States are invited to this exhibition. The exhibited works discuss the relationship between art and nature, showing the artists' microscopic and macroscopic observations and reflections on the infinite forms, colors, rhythms, movements, light and shadow, patterns and synergies in nature, etc., trying to influence and change people's view of nature from different perspectives.

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