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Art in Qiaoshan: Art Field NANHAI

Dec 18, 2022 -

Feb 19, 2023


Artists: David Gerstein, Norman Mooney, Ran Morin

"Art in Qiaoshan - Art Field NANHAI GUANGDONG 2022" has received 240,000 visitors from its opening on November 18, 2022 to the New Year's Day holiday period. The daily operation period of the festival will continue from spring 2023 to summer 2024. With the theme of "The Original Bay Area", the festival focuses on local culture, tells the story of the South China Sea, explores Chinese innovation with international experience, adopts a region-wide layout, and is dedicated to the development of regional creativity, and is the first complete presentation of the Earth Art Festival China project.

We collaborated with artists Ran Morin, Norman Mooney and David Gerstein to create works in situ in the Xiqiao Mountain, the TingyinLake and the Ping Sha Island in Nanhai, Guangdong Province, where the three artists created artworks tailored to the specific natural landscape and human environment.

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