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Tore Svensson

The Götheborg ship was launched in 1738 and made its first trip to China the following year.

In total there were 3 trips to China but in 1745 the ship was lost just before sailing into Gothenburg harbour.

The ship lay on the ground and stood there and much of the cargo, which consisted of tea, crockery, spices and silk, could be saved.

For many years, the wreckage was visible on the surface of the water, but eventually there were only debris on the bottom.           In 1984, a few divers went down to the wreckage and picked up the remains of the cargo.

Among other things, lots of porcelain screens.

These are sold today as souvenirs to tourists.

I have bought some of these pieces and based on these I will do something for the exhibition.









About Artist

Tore Svensson, born 1948 in Alfta, Sweden, studied first at the art-school in Gävle and graduated in 1978 at HDK School of Design and Craft, Gothenburg. From 1989 to 1996 he was lecturer at HDK and afterwards he worked as professor for two years at the Jewellery department. His work is presented in private and public collections as well as in museums and all over the world, including Marzee Collection, the Rhösska Museum in Gothenburg, the National Museum in Stockholm, the Contemporary Art Society in London, the Helen Williams Drutt Collection in Houston, Texas and the National Gallery of Australia in Canberra. He is a recipient of several awards, among others from the Swedish Arts Grants Committee and the Herbert Hofmann Prize.


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