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Mingrui Sun

Recycling is one of the artistic theme elements I focus on. After returning to China from Norway, I felt some problems about garbage in the society, and they were also the after- effects of economic development. For example, some cities focus on developing an industry to increase GDP, but there will be a lot of related "garbage " behind the prosperity.

At the beginning of this project, I chose Jingdezhen.

Jingdezhen's old porcelain pieces have caused me to think deeply about the "ceramic waste" behind the city's economic development.

This is a project about "municipal waste ". I hope to find local materials in different cities in China as inspiration. Research around their colors, materials, forms, and culture.

Experiments on ceramic materials based on the shape of “ceramic garbage”. I also used daily newspapers, recycled fabrics and other daily waste. They are combined with ceramic technology to gasify in a 1300 degree kiln,and then I will try its wearability.

回收利用是我关注的艺术主题元素之一。从挪威回到中国后,我感受到社会上存在的一些垃圾问题,也是经济发展的后遗症。比如有些城市为了增加GDP,注重发展产业,但繁荣的背后会有很多相关的 "垃圾"。


景德镇的老瓷片引起了我对城市经济发展背后的 "陶瓷垃圾 "的深思。

这是一个关于 "城市垃圾 "的项目。我希望能在中国不同的城市中找到当地的材料作为灵感,围绕它们的颜色、材料、形式和文化进行研究。

根据 "陶瓷垃圾 "的形状,对陶瓷材料进行实验。我也使用了日常的报纸、回收的布料等日常垃圾。它们与陶瓷技术相结合,在1300度的窑炉中气化。最后我会考虑其可穿戴性。

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