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Maria Rosa Franzin

I collected the images in photographs of the pieces of porcelain, trying to compose a “red thread” that would unite them. I thought of the people who used cups, saucers, trays, teashops, desserts, who used those objects in their lives, some now reduced to small pieces or other ancient pieces visible in museum windows.

In this project my research has focused on the graphic and chromatic connections between Chinese porcelain and the objects of some historical Italian Factory. I wanted to find communication between the authors, in the representations of these two very different cultures.

Each porcelain object contains moments of lived life, contains gestures, taste, touch and personal stories.

The “thread” that unites them will be realized in my three pieces in which the photos of the different details will become witnesses of many identities. I add to the photos of the pieces, the symbolic portraits of hypothetical people who may have used porcelain.

The writing, flowers, figures, geometric decorations also speak of historical moments, of artists and of reworkings of a reality.




将它们联系在一起的 "线 "将在我的三件作品中出现,其中不同细节的照片将成为多种身份的见证。



About Artist

Maria Rosa Franzin was born in Libya in 1951 but now lives and works in Padua, Italy. She studied goldsmithing at the “Pietro Selvatico” Institute of Art in Padua under Mario Pinton and then painting at the Academy of Fine Arts, Venice. She has been teaching jewellery design and goldsmithing at the Padua Institute of Art since 1986. Her work has been shown in several solo and prestigious group exhibitions in Italy, Austria, Luxembourg, Belgium, The Netherlands, USA, Spain, Switzerland, Scotland, France, Germany, Portugal and Ireland, in private galleries and museums. She was represented in the first edition of Pensieri Preziosi in Padua in 2004, and at Collect 2006 at the V&A Museum, London. Her work is present in the permanent collection of the Museum of Decorative and Applied Arts in Padua and Museo degli Argenti, Palazzo Pitti, Florence.

1951年出生于利比亚,现居意大利帕多瓦。她曾在意大利帕多瓦Pietro Selvatico艺术学校师从Mario Pinton学习金匠工艺,随后在威尼斯美术学院学习绘画。自1986年以来,她一直在帕多瓦艺术学院教授珠宝设计和金饰制作。她的作品曾在意大利、奥地利、卢森堡、比利时、荷兰、美国、西班牙、瑞士、苏格兰、法国、德国、葡萄牙和爱尔兰等地的画廊和博物馆举办过多次个展和著名的群展。2004年,她参加了在帕多瓦举办的第一届Pensieri Preziosi展览,并参加了伦敦V&A博物馆的2006年收藏展。她的作品被帕多瓦装饰和应用艺术博物馆和佛罗伦萨皮蒂宫的阿根蒂博物馆永久收藏。

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