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Lirone is a French plastic photographer born in 1964. As a teenager, he is interested in photography and discover a real passion for this art. Since 1990, he practices photography as a professional and guided by his passion for the image he is constantly in search of innovative photography techniques.


In 1994, he began his career by specializing in portraiture with a … particular attraction for portraits of babies and children. At the end of the 90s, he expanded his know-how to the world of industrial photography in France and then in the rest of the world (USA, Great Britain, Switzerland …). He then tackles the automotive industry, fashion, culinary arts, jewelery……


In 2006, he is the creator of a totally innovative concept that combines aesthetics and original photography, painting and sculpture. This concept is based on a method of direct visualization of a 3-dimensional image. This process is the subject of a patent registered at the INPI for international coverage since August 2006.


“I propose a renewal of the exercise that is to see. Adjust your position: they are constantly redrawing under your eyes.


Move: the pattern breaks down, but keeps. Come back to the work. The look finds the incredible depths of the crystal …”



(from galley Saint Martin,

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